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Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure performed on your teeth, gums, jaws or other oral structures. Listed are the oral surgery procedures our office offers.


The most common type of oral surgery is a tooth extraction (tooth removal) An extraction might be recommended if you have severe tooth decay, gum disease, dental trauma or wisdom teeth complications. You may choose to have tooth extracted due to a tooth abscess and don't want save the tooth with a root canal. Dr. Charles Brigham has been
doing teeth extractions for 34 years. Dr Brigham prefers to save natural teeth when possible, but sometimes extractions are necessary to preserve your overall oral health. 


A dental bone graft is necessary when bone loss has occurred in your jaw. There are a couple reasons why this may occur. When your natural teeth are present, the roots stimulate the nerves in your jaw. This signals your brain to send nutrients to your jaw, keeping it strong and healthy. If a tooth has been missing for some time, bone deterioration can occur in that area because there are no roots to stimulate the nerves. A dental bone graft restores volume and density in your jawbone so that dental implants can be placed later on. Dr. Charles Brigham has been doing bone grafts for 10 years.


Dental implants are widely considered the most reliable and longest lasting teeth replacement option available. This small threaded post is made of medical grade titanium. The implant is embedded into your jaw to replace the missing tooth. Once the implant has healed, it can be restored with a dental crown, dental bridge or denture. Dr. Charles Brigham has been doing dental implants for the past 10 years and has state of the art equipment to place implants.

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